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Virtual Bowling IIR4.0 2020[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”106″ gal_title=”Virtual Bowling IIR4.0 2020″]

Futurescape @ IVI 2019[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”89″ gal_title=”Futurescape @ IVI 2019″]

Universitas Hasanuddin Indonesia visit to IVI on 3 December 2019[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”90″ gal_title=”Universitas Hasanuddin Indonesia visit to IVI on 3 December 2019″]

IVIC 2019[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”91″ gal_title=”IVIC 2019″]

Bowling 2019[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”92″ gal_title=”Bowling 2019″]

Hari Raya 2019[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”94″ gal_title=”Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2019″]

IVI INNOSCAPE DAY 2017[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”95″ gal_title=”IVI INNOSCAPE 2017″]

Workshops for IVIC’17[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”96″ gal_title=”IVIC17 Workshop”]

Delegates from STMIK-AMIK Dumai, Indonesia visit IVI on 30 November 2017[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”98″ gal_title=”STMIK-AMIK Dumai, Indonesia”]

The 5th International Visual Informatics Conference 2017 (IVIC ’17)[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”99″ gal_title=”The 5th International Visual Informatics Conference 2017″]

Robing ceremony 2017[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”100″ gal_title=”Robing Ceremony 2017″]

Hari Raya 2017[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”101″ gal_title=”Hari Raya 2017″]

COMEL Showcase 18 May 2017[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”102″ gal_title=”COMEL Showcase 2017″]

Universitas Putra Indonesia “YPTK” Padang visits IVI on 3 Mac 2017[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”97″ gal_title=”Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK” Padang visits IVI”]

TRIZ Level 1 Workshop 16-17 Jan 2017[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”103″ gal_title=”TRIZ Level 1 Workshop 16-17 Jan 2017″]